Emma Warren Textile Design

Emma Warren Textile Design

Growth and Restriction

Hand made leather beads connected with embroidery threads, stitched onto chiffon which adds restriction to the drape of the chiffon,handmade metallic leather sequins, silk paint.

Drawn thread work , with orange thread and chain.

Some paper development work, Focusing on layering and building up areas.

Cutwork embroidery, leather lasercut and connected with metal rings to add some movement to the leather.

Hand made metallic leather beads connected with thread. To add some restriction to the fabric I have dripped resin to manipulate the way the fabric drapes.

My Digitally printed design onto 100% silk which I have worked on top of with chains, beading and also created my own metal sequins to draw in on the jewellery element.

Digitally printed designs onto 100% silk

One digitally printed silk samples and one embroidered skull with added inks, chains and leather sequins.

Growth and restriction – A collection of one off fashion design samples on the theme of growth and restriction looking up close at the structure of bones and how flowers represent growth and the the direct contrast between them. This collection consists of digital prints, beautiful embroideries and hand made 3D structures all combined to create samples for innovative fashion garments which merge fashion and jewellery as one. I’m interested in blurring the line between jewellery and clothing so that you don’t know where one starts and the other finishes.

  • For @studioMade – premier vision paris

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