Emma Warren Textile Design

Emma Warren Textile Design

Worn elegance

For this sample I created metal sequins which I then crushed to make them appear softer and more like flowers. Hand made ruffles using silk and chiffon fabrics, De constructed lace and embroidered cut work.

Embroidery using Irish and corneli machines and also hand stitching and beadwork to add depth to the stitching.

Cut work and embroidery with built up metal work, drawn thread work with silk painting and beading

Page from sketchbook - inks and beading

Neck piece made from all white and recycled metals.

Drawn thread work sample

I was set the brief from cast creations to create a collection on the theme of “infused” I decided not to look at it from such a literal view and thought up the idea of looking at the city and how there is so much rubbish,tramps and dirt contrasting with the beauty and elegance of flowers "overturned by floral"Thinking about something ugly but making it seem beautiful

Can grunge be beautiful?

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