Emma Warren Textile Design

Emma Warren Textile Design

Emma Warren

Textile Designer, United Kingdom

My Work Style

I love the sketchbook process where I am able to explore different medias in order to create imagery, I also like to combine CAD design which results in beautiful layers of mixed media and illustrative prints. I like to develop my own unique embellishments, creating sequins out of metallic leather, beads out of rolled up ribbons and all the while incorporating the use of metals. The combination of graphic eye-catching prints balanced out by delicate unique embroidery compliments a play on hard and soft materials. Using restriction in draped fabrics adds a unique twist to fabric manipulation. My interest and love of Jewellery design and experiments with merging fashion and Jewellery as one pushes the boundaries of scale. I feel my unique approach and combination of materials make for a highly diverse portfolio of work.

Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University where I studied a BA honors degree in Textile Design I have worked as a freelance textile designer and completed internships for small and larger fashion companies and for designer makers.

Acorn swatch studio Nottingham-
Working freelance producing up to twelve designs a month comprising embroidery and prints for fashion as well as creating my own briefs from Acorns initial themes.

Studio Made-
I am continuing to work for my university’s swatch studio with my final year designs being chosen to be sent to premier vision. Creating commercially saleable swatches with high quality workmanship. I aim to produce highly detailed work with a strong attention to detail.

Karen Nicol-
Work experience with designer /maker creating dolls in the style of Grayson Perry for Liberty’s shop window. Intricate hand embroidery was carried out as well as the use of industrial machines.

Jasper Garvida-
Embellishment/ Beading design for Jaspers final collection for fashion week. Highly detailed embroidery with beading and intense sequin work.

Sarah Baadarani-
Embellishment and Embroidery design for Sarah Baadarani used in her final collection for fashion week.

Jaci Lynch-
Hand beading leather accessories


  • Textile Design
  • Embroidery
  • Fashion
  • Print


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft word/excel/powerpoint
  • Embroidery by hand and machine
  • Lasercutting
  • Digital Print